‘encouraging and gentle’

I have worked with Gina over many years. She has helped me to grow my business with her super creative mindset. She’s great at seeing the bits you might miss or overlook, a visionary. She is encouraging and gentle with her words when one might beat themselves up over a missed target. I definitely recommend her services.

Business Owner : Northampton


‘a big source of my growth and motivation’

Having Gina as a life coach for many years had been a big source of my growth and motivation. We, as people can sometimes get lost, or doubt ourselves, but with Gina’s help and guidance I have been able to push through barriers and achieve the unthinkable.

Gina is a great listener,extremely empathetic, trustworthy and truly wise. Her greatest strength is her ability to motivate, which has lit a fire in me which continues to burn bright.

I could not recommend this lady enough!

H.Patel : Northampton


‘no nonsense, impactful but extremely respectful…’

After suffering with Major Depression and being prescribed counselling which wasn’t right for me, I decided a life coach was more in line with what I needed. I contacted Gina Myrie and I’ve never looked back since.

Gina has supported me to look at the decisions I make and how they affect the outcomes of my future, setting goals to reach targets and using positive affirmations daily to support me through my lows whilst reaching my full potential, and allowing my self esteem to flourish.

Its probably cliche to say but the positive impact that having Gina as a life coach has had on my life is not only present in my personal life but also in my professional one.

To anyone who is ready to address their issues with a no nonsense, impactful but extremely respectful, empathetic life coach, I would recommend Gina Myrie.

Patricia Daley


‘desires to see you grow and develop…’

Some of us just need a good honest ear to have listen to us, an honest perspective and a genuine caring individual who desires to see you grow and develop into your best self.  Gina is that person, with a warm gentle spirit she has allowed me to feel safe to share my dreams and aspirations without judgement or an overwhelming opinion being imposed on me.  Gina has sought to bring out the best in me through inspiring and encouraging advice that has help me take giant leaps in my personal life, for this I will be eternally grateful.

T.M : Northamptonshire


‘desires to see others succeed…’

From my very fist conversation with Gina it was clear that she was a person who wanted to understand before being understood, not only is she an inspiration but she genuinely desires to see others succeed and reach their full potential. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gina to anyone looking for inspiration or someone looking to find the how in any circumstance… it truly is a real blessing to know her.

G.F : Northampton