Discovery Boards

You may be a person who, when asked ‘what’s your passion’, ‘what do you love to do?’ or ‘what’s your dream?’ you have no reply. It’s not that you don’t want to answer it’s just that sometimes, in the process of living and surviving you can lose sight of yourself.

We sometimes feel we don’t have the time to spend daydreaming or wishing about what seems impossible. Other times we become so firmly ‘stuck in a rut’ that we don’t have the mental capacity to even begin to think about what we really want. However, knowing what we want and who we are is extremely important to life satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness.

Discovery Boards help you rediscover the ‘real you’. They help you answer the question “who am I?” and identify your passions and loves.

The Process…

The process is effortless and fun.

  1. You select images that catch your eye
  2. Send them for analysis
  3. Receive your results.

Why Images?

The images you choose tell their own story. As they are selected without contemplation, effort or real thought they give a true representation of your personality. They often highlight misplaced dreams and identify what is truly important to you.

This service isn’t about clairvoyance or any super spiritual thing but is more one of interpretation.

Discovery boards are a fun activity for anyone of any age and definitely worth giving them a go. #nothing to lose

Every Image Tells A Story…

Find out what yours say about you