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From Fear to Freedom

A few weeks ago I happened to stumble upon a video blog by Will Smith entitled ‘A Smith Family Vacation’. The video shows the family stepping out of their comfort zone and participating in activities most of us would never even dream of. I watched as they made their way to the top of an active volcano and though the climb took effort and stamina once they hit the top, standing on the edge, they were rewarded with the most breath-taking views. I then watched as they (as a family) went deep sea diving. Facing obvious fear they dived through the ocean and experienced something amazing first hand, a world within a world. As they emerged out of the water, congregating together on the boat Will said something which really hit me… he said “Fear kills your ability to see beauty” he said “you have to get beyond fear, back to a comfortable place before you can even start looking around!” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. By overcoming fear, they were able to experience beauty in a way they never had before.

So many of us are living way beneath our potential, missing out on the amazement and wonder of what this world truly has to offer because we are afraid to step out. We are afraid to trust our own gifts, our own gut. We are afraid to break the mould or to step out of the boxes that have been built for us. We live in fear and accept that its the best we can do.

As I write this blog I can for the first time, with confidence say I am no longer afraid. I am no longer controlled by the opinions of other or afraid to believe in myself. I now have the confidence to trust and believe in me and my value, opening up doors to possibilities I had never known. Now, my goal is to help you do the same!

We need to move from fear to freedom and begin to live the best possible version of ourselves, because it is in this state that dreams become reality and success and happiness become our minimum standard.


  • Haneefah Muhammad

    I love this Gina & thanks for sharing your thoughts about the family’s journey. When we are willing to face our deepest fears we open ourselves to new opportunities for personal exploration, expansion & expression. Truly inspirational story.

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