Writer, Inspirer, Motivator, Coach.

Poet, Encourager, A genuine approach.
Performer, Optimist, Passion Driven, Real.
Dream Maker, Innovator, listener.
The Real Deal

Every one of us is alive for a purpose. We all have destiny calling and everything we need to fulfil that destiny is already within our DNA. Sometimes we just need a little help to discover it.


Gina Myrie.com is all about Progressing People. Its about YOU! Your personal development. Your growth. Your dreams! Its about supporting you to gain all you need to live your best life.

Every individual is unique. You are one of a kind! We each have different goals and measurements of happiness and success but the one thing everyone visiting this site has in common, is a desire to be more and a belief that it is possible to become it.  That is why you are here.

If you invest in you, you are guaranteed of growth!

What you will find here

From my many years in education I know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to anything is floored. Age, beliefs, character and learning style all impact how we grasp and process information, which is why here, from a variety of services you are able to choose the one (or more) that suits your personal needs. Though different is style they all lead to the same place… Success!

Need a little help?

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Your success is at the heart of all I do. Whether it’s motivation you need, inspiration, guidance or simply a listening ear. I am confident you will find a service here that gives you what you need!



I am a qualified Life Coach

I have a BA Hons in Business Entrepreneurship and Events Management.
I run my own business, have recently published my first book and I’m mum to 5 beautiful, amazing school aged children. I am often asked “how do you do it and still stay sane” 🙂 The secret is, I live by what I believe and follow my own advice lol. No, but seriously I live by putting my faith in action not by how things look or seem.

I am confident in the fact that I can achieve all things and as a result of this I have experienced what looked impossible appear, seemingly over night.

“what ever you believe you will achieve”

I am not here to tell you that change is easy. Growth and freedom is often hard work. It takes effort and dedication but it is definitely achievable and the benefits by far outweigh any struggles you may face.

So, if you’d like to jump on this journey to success and need  a helping hand on the way, click the contact button below and get in touch.

It’s about helping you to master the skill of moving beyond fear and into freedom.